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07/27/2003 @ 05:06 PM: A joke? Something witty? Philosophical reference? How does one start off the first news post on his brand new website? Scott has asked me to pen something before he'll launch the thing, so here I go.

Welcome! You are visiting the brand-spanking new AT website. A new domain, a new design, and loads of new content (most still on the way) distinguish this site from its two predecessors. Also, my previous websites were devoted primarily to my music career. This one, however, will be much more all-things-AT. My music career is moving along well in several forms (solo, band, studio), but I'm also devoting an abundance of time to Siege Perilous Films--the film outfit made up of several of my dearest comrades--and to my political involvement both locally and nationally. I'll post news and updates here regularly about all these facets and more, and I'll do regular mailings through the ATML (Andrew Thomas Mailing List). Yes, after four-plus years of existence the mailing list is still alive and well!

This website will come together piece-meal, so bear with us as we build the content. You can without a doubt observe the excellent work of Scott Lindberg--designer of this website and one of the "knights" of Siege Perilous Films. His time and devotion to creating something really great is tremendously appreciated. So here's a big THANKS directed his way. Also worthy of acknowledgement are the header photos taken by Tom Baugh. Back in 1995 Tom took the back cover photo on my debut album; his work just keeps getting better.

Please have a look around, come back often for news and site updates, sign up for the ATML (located in the top right-hand corner), and feel free to direct any questions or comments my way:

Rock and roll!

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thumbnail 005thumbnail 006thumbnail 007thumbnail 008Please feel free to peruse these memories from the AT photo archives.

Andrew Thomas