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10/15/2003 @ 07:11 AM: This past weekend I recorded the band Hockey Night in the studio. This is my second experience with the band, having recorded and co-produced their first release, "Rad Zapping." I've been doing a lot less work in the studio now that I'm back in school, and this weekend was a welcomed return to the art of rock and roll making. If I can squeeze the time out between now and the end of the year, I'll record two more new songs for my next solo release, then touch up and mix the other twelve that are standing by. The as-yet-untitled CD will be between ten and fourteen tracks long.

At Siege Perilous Films we've now officially begun editing our first feature film, revisions. The footage looks excellent (one would hope so considering it took a year-and-a-half to shoot), and we now are faced with the large task of quickly--but carefully--piecing together the movie prior to the necessary early-2004 deadlines for several film festival submissions. My workload really kicks in here; I have to work on and/or supervise all the audio processing, mixing, foley, score, and songs.

A year from now I'll be 29 years old and on the steady countdown to the big 3-0. And so why, you might ask, am I so excited for it to be a year from now? The answer: The presidential election will be fast approaching, and it is my hope that the general lean toward the left that has started to prevail will continue on and carry through. As citizens, by placing our votes we are exercising one of our fundamental rights; we hold our representatives accountable for their actions and decisions while in office and vote them in or out based on our own concerns and convictions. I have never wanted to vote someone out of office as badly as I do this upcoming election. Despite my extremely busy schedule, I still plan to devote a significant amount of time and energy to the campaign for the opposing candidate.

Scott and I have been discussing the next page of Hopefully we'll have something up soon!

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