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11/13/2003 @ 09:02 PM: It's Official: revisions is a Wrap
An awesome thing happened last night at Siege Perilous Films: We declared our first feature-length film revisions a wrap. Eighteen months of on-and-off shooting, planning, working, calling, and emailing came to a close with the re-shoot of one short scene.

The gang's celebration afterward was a modest and subdued dinner across the street at Grandma's Restaurant; we all know there is still much work to be done. In the next two months we will swiftly but carefully piece together the final cut of the film. My specific responsibilities will be to oversee every bit of audio--from recorded dialogue and ADR, to songs, score and foley. It'll be quite a task.

A new revisions trailer is on the way, and I'm proud to say I composed the music for it. I locked myself in the recording studio last Saturday evening and emerged Sunday morning with a short piece that has yet to be titled. You'll hear it soon!

Thesis Update
I am behind schedule on the draft for my Political Science thesis. The topic I've chosen is something of a chicken or egg question; I am comparing political culture to pop culture in the 20th Century and attempting to establish patterns of how each affect one another. I had hoped at this point to have the majority of the paper outlined with notes and sources listed, but that outline is so far not much more than floating thoughts in my head. If I manage to actually reserve some quality time for it this weekend, I should be close to caught up.

The Website
On the fore of my brain, but unfortunately not very high on my priorities list, is a plan for getting the next few pages of this website completed. Considering Scott and I are both staring down deadlines for Siege Perilous Films, add to that the fact we're both busy outside of the revisions project, and I think it's unlikely there will be anything new to look at really soon. I'll of course do all the usual announcements when stuff does get up--hopefully sooner rather than later. In the meantime, my page on is still up, and there's a few songs to check out if you haven't already done so. Eventually we will have a page, with downloads, on this site devoted to songs from my various projects.

New Songs
The weekend of the 21st should be a lot of fun. On Friday the SPF gang will have a night out to go see Minnesota-based Flipp play at the Medina Entertainment Center. (Flipp are one of the esteemed contributors to the revisions soundtrack.) On Saturday and Sunday I've got my bro Dave coming into the recording studio to track drums for two new songs--a feel-good rocker called "Democracy" that is to accompany my thesis, and a song for the revisions soundtrack tentatively titled "Gray." Both will be included on my next solo release and--I'm happy to announce--are the final two songs to be recorded for it.

That's the updates.

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