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12/27/2003 @ 05:23 AM: I am feeling calm after the storm.

Storms aren't always necessarily bad things; this fall was a particularly hectic time for me personally and professionally, but a lot got done, and--it would appear--I got out with most everything in tact. I managed to get some decent grades in school and complete my Political Science thesis, all while balancing my duties with Siege Perilous Films, the recording studio, guitar students, and all the other random responsibilities that came up. The holidays are serving as a short break, then it's back to work! There's a movie to edit, a couple of CDs to record and release, and another whole semester of school coming up.

On December 20th the SPF gang held our wrap party at Soliton in celebration of revisions, our first feature film. Having wrapped about a month earlier, we had been working on a new trailer for the movie--a character-focused bit titled "Why I Write." We debuted it to a healthy crowd of folks at the party; most were graciously receptive. This newest trailer will soon join the first one, "The Beginning of the End," on the SPF website for general viewing. I composed a still-untitled piece of music for the trailer, and we had our friend Mei Young from KQRS radio come down to help out with a voice-over. A third (and probably final) trailer is already in the works. Oh... and so is the movie!

2004 will likely be as busy as 2003 was, give or take. With the election progressively heating up, I will probably be devoting more and more time to campaigning for the Democratic candidate. I've also made tentative plans to hold several fundraiser events; I can't personally donate too much, but I can help the process along. If you're interested in knowing more about such events, drop me an email and I'll include you on the mailings.

I hope everyone has had a happy and safe holiday season. See you in 2004!

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