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01/12/2004 @ 08:46 AM: Website Updates
For about two weeks now I've been compiling loads of information for the upcoming 'Studio' page of this website. It is particularly exciting for me because I've been professionally recording and producing for about ten years but have never published a complete resume or discography of my work. The new 'Studio' page will house a complete Soliton equipment list, pictures of the studio, a bio/history section, and discography. Jeremy and I built the place from virtually nothing, and since I assumed sole proprietorship just over a year ago, I've made plans for numerous upgrades that will bring the studio a little more technologically current. In the meantime, Jer still works at the studio, and we're both maintaining several projects at a time. Hopefully you'll see the 'Studio' page soon!

If you haven't yet viewed it, be sure to check out the new revisions trailer, "Why I Write," over at Siege Perilous Films. As was the case with the first trailer, we are getting a number of positive remarks about the new preview.

I've hardly put word out about the boxes of AT/DT CDs I still have sitting around! My side-project mock-rock band released the five-song EP Rock 4 The People in June of 2002, and we will soon start work on another full-length CD. Lead vocalist Ben Jones returns from National Guard duties in Bosnia this spring; the rocking will commence shortly thereafter! If you'd like to obtain a copy of the Rock 4 The People CD, send $6 per disc to: Merlin Records, P.O. Box 16025, Minneapolis, MN 55416. You can sign up on our mailing list by sending email to: Unfortunately our web presence left with the departure of But a new site, to be located at, is on the way.

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Andrew Thomas