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01/27/2004 @ 02:51 PM: Since I am sick at home today with what I think is the flu, I figured it's a good time to do some updates on various things.

Next to be launched on this website will be the 'Studio' section. For a couple weeks now, I've been putting together loads of information about Soliton Recording Studios and the various versions the studio held before it. Altogether that information will make up pages that include the studio's history and bio, capabilities, discography, equipment listing, rates, and photos. Look for it in the coming weeks!

I have designated one day a week to work on music for my upcoming solo CD release. At this point, I have one more song to entirely record and a few left to finish. From there I'll touch up and mix the entire batch. I think this is a really good collection of songs, and I sincerely hope to release the CD sooner rather than later. Hopefully one day a week is enough to get things done in a timely manner!

The gang at Siege Perilous Films is steadily working on the editing of revisions, our first feature-length film. For those not in the loop, the story of revisions was created by two of my best friends, James Buffington and Eric Hedberg. James took on the movie as his senior project for a film degree he created at the University of Minnesota; from there the whole project ballooned. It has since become a full-fledged independent film, and we formed the company, Siege Perilous Films, out of the assembled crew. Absent, however, is a decent budget--the main reason for our slow pace in getting the film completed. revisions is starting to see the light of day, though. Once we have a rough cut together, I'll get to work on final audio and oversee all the music. Visit the website and sign up on the mailing list for all the latest.

Last semester I completed my Political Science thesis; next fall I'll complete my Philosophy thesis. In the meantime, I'm just plugging away at classes, hoping to accomplish some grades decent enough to get in to law school or graduate school. When or if I decide to do either depends greatly on the status of the various creative projects I'm involved with.

That's it for now.

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