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02/23/2004 @ 01:25 AM: Last week Scott (ATdotNet web designer) was in a car accident; this week we have just launched the 'Studio' page of the website. Coincidence? I think not. With no transportation, Scott used his extra home time to work on the 'Studio' page, and I'm appreciative of his work.

Per the usual, the 'Studio' page looks excellent and offers complete information on Soliton Recording Studios' history, mission, capabilities, booking info, rates, and equipment, along with photos and my (almost) complete studio discography. I realized only today that I am lacking any photos of the studio in action--when it's actually in use and not all pretty for pictures. Musicians aren't generally thinking about taking snapshots while engulfed in the creative process, but I'll try and keep a camera around the studio so as to add some candid moments to the 'Studio' page in the future.

Please, check out the 'Studio' page and send your comments or suggestions my way:

Congratulations to my good friends James and Farrah who welcomed their first son, Finn, into the world last Friday!

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Andrew Thomas