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03/02/2004 @ 06:04 AM: Super Tuesday!
Tonight I'll attend my DFL caucus, and I'm still unsure of exactly which candidate I favor. I'm leaning slightly towards Edwards, though the four remaining Democratic candidates have all said things I appreciate. Whether or not that looming question of Which one of these guys has the best chance of beating Bush? ends up taking precedent remains to be seen. For all these reasons and more, I'm looking forward to the interaction with others that the caucus brings.

New Music
This past weekend I spent a couple days in the studio with my brother, Dave. We arranged and put down drum tracks for two new songs--one called "State Of Gray," which will serve as my solo contribution to the revisions movie soundtrack, and another one which will remain a surprise until its release (don't hold your breath or anything). "State Of Gray" will also be included on my next solo CD and marks the end of initial recording for all the tracks on the album. I still need to do a lot of overdubs, touching up, and mixing, but the major things are mostly done.

Also, I still plan to release a new song to the internet soon (which will be available for download right here), though I'm not sure which one. (Maybe that too will come to me tonight around the same time I decide which candidate to vote for.)

Guitar Lessons
I am officially signed on as a guitar instructor at Jim Harms' My Music Store in Golden Valley. For the time being, I'll be teaching Fridays and Saturdays. Time slots are still available for both days; please email me or contact the store (763-525-0311) if you or someone you know is interested in taking lessons from yours truly.

I'm excited about this new phase of teaching. For over five years I've taught in homes or out of my studio or home; being centralized in a great environment like My Music Store is a welcomed change.

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