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04/13/2004 @ 03:48 PM: Lately I have been writing music at a more feverish pace than in a very long time, and the timing couldn't be better--or worse, in a way.

When time allows (which unfortunately isn't that often), I'm working on songs for my new solo album, for AT/DT's upcoming full-length album, for the Nelson May project (long story to be told later), and for the revisions movie.

This week I've been putting tracks down on "State Of Gray," my solo contribution to the revisions soundtrack. The song is a challenge because of its medium tempo groove and numerous parts I've written to interact with one another (a lot to keep track of). When a band writes music together they often are able to rehearse the parts and refine them in the process. I am usually creating in the recording studio, which makes the process much more "trial and error." Often my first attempt at a track will turn into more of a rough that I'll take home and use as a catalyst to brainstorm ideas for round two--definitely the case with "State Of Gray." It has been difficult, but all seems to now be going well.

I'm currently working on fourteen songs for my upcoming solo release; ten or twelve will make the album. About six or seven of those songs are hold-overs from the abandoned Gemini project (my first attempt at a second album). However, with all the new music I've been writing and my desire to go down to Sun Studio in Memphis to record a couple songs, it's likely even more of those old Gemini songs will be casualties when I make the final album cut. Whatever the case, I'm not interested in holding the album up too terribly much because I'm writing like crazy; I'd much rather just put the thing out and start right away on another one.

Speaking of old music, I am (and have been for a while) compiling all the information that will make up the remaining pages of this website: the 'About' and 'Projects' sections. When all is said and done, you'll be able to read through my entire band history, see photos from those eras, and hear live and studio audio samples. There'll be a plethora of information about all the various projects I'm currently involved with as well. Scott tends to work fast once I deliver all the information to him, so hopefully there'll be some new stuff up soon.

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Andrew Thomas