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04/26/2004 @ 01:11 AM: Sorta like the second Batman movie... You know, the last good one where Tim Burton directed. "AT/DT Returns."

Tonight AT/DT met, rehearsed, and wrote together for the first time since last summer, just before Ben left for Minnesota National Guard duties in Bosnia. It was a fun and relaxed evening of working up the new songs "Interesting," "Gotta Breed," "B*kk*k* Girl" (edited for the masses), and "I Wish I Was George Bush." Yes, you read those titles correctly. Folks who were at the last AT/DT live performance, an after-party for a revisions movie shoot, may recall the song "Interesting." We first worked the tune up last summer and were remembering and refining it tonight. The band has all agreed we want to get into the studio to put these new songs down while they're fresh, and there's bunches of other ideas standing by, so the full length album we've been talking about shouldn't be too far off in the future.

For those not familiar, AT/DT is a side-project mock-rock band I formed in 2001 with my brother Dave (drums), Ben Jones (vocals), and Erik Pedersen (bass). We've only ever played party gigs and made a few "surprise appearances" at a couple of clubs. Our six-track EP Rock 4 The People was released in June 2002 and became a cult hit among friends. The band has decided we want to take it to the next level--big shows, a great album, and tons of fun. So we'll hit rehearsals and the recording studio once a week and be out the latter half of summer playing rock concerts. Our website is on the way,, and you can sign up for the mailing list by dropping us an email at

Six Budweisers and Taco Bell tonight, folks. Rock 4 The People.

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Andrew Thomas