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05/03/2004 @ 03:11 PM: Some quick updates...

Per the usual I'm at the end of my academic semester and things are a tad crazy. The form my semesters take have a definite pattern at this point: Attempt to be prepared and start strong but stumble a bit, hit a low somewhere in the middle, pick it back up at the end and finish strong--only after a couple weeks of excessive stress and work, however. This semester has been no exception. Although I am balancing teaching, studio work, and film work along with full-time school.

I am still putting together the 'About' and 'Projects' sections of the website. There are holdups for both sections, mainly the audio downloads that still need to be finished and/or mixed and/or mastered. I'll be offering songs for download from all of the music projects I'm a part of as well as samples from former bands. It'll be a cool little "journey" from the past through to the present. And there'll be two new songs up in the portion dedicated to my solo music; I'm excited to get the new stuff out there.

AT/DT rehearsed again yesterday (Sunday--our new regular time). And though we didn't pump out four new songs like last week, there was still an obvious desire to move on things, get into the recording studio, and prepare for shows. The band has existed for almost three years now but has never been so on-the-fore and ready to do stuff. We're all looking forward to playing shows.

More updates later...

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