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05/17/2004 @ 02:32 AM: Must be the spring rain tonight or something...

As I've previously babbled on about, I've been writing music pretty feverishly lately.... or wishing I was writing or recording when I wasn't... or scrambling for a piece of paper or my cell phone to get an idea down. Tonight, on my way home from the King's X show, I sequentially came up with ideas for three new songs with hardly any time to think twice about the lyrics and music that were spilling out of my head. One I came up with the title for while at the concert, called "This Is Not How It Was Supposed To Be." (I've been coming down on myself for all the three-word titles for most of my songs--nine on this one!) It's a song about changes of late, most happening around me more than with me. I've actually been saying that phrase a lot in reference to some unfortunate situations--a friend's best friend with cancer, divorce in the family, etc. This is NOT how it was supposed to be, but the shit has gone down and we've gotta find our way through it; if it was a matter of naive youthful idealism that led us to think otherwise, we're learning about life for real now. The other two new songs are "I Am" and "Civil Disobedience." So, yeah, when I said before that I was likely done with the new solo album and was only gonna do touch-ups and mixing from there on out, I was probably lying. I'd much rather record a couple of these new songs than try to resuscitate some of the old stuff.

In other news, the song "State Of Gray," written for the revisions movie soundtrack, is continuing to be a pain in the ass to get done. No track on that song has gone down on the first try--as in I've recorded all the parts at least twice in separate sessions--and none of the keeper tracks went down easy. I guess my string of swiftly recorded new songs has come to an end. On Saturday evening DT came down to the studio to help construct a new loop to sit under the song. I'd been using a filtered four-bar sample of his actual drum part, but it wasn't working in the way I'd hoped. Instead we created a conga part, put down a tambourine on the backbeat, and I took another drum sample and filtered it down to virtually only subs. I combined the parts in Pro Tools and flew it back down to tape. It sucked. The idea was a bust. The loop sounded about as it did in my head, but SO didn't work in context. Eight relentless hours lost on a Saturday (into Sunday), and now back to the drawing board I go. If there's a silver lining it's that the parts that are final are all REALLY good; the song will be realized, it's just gonna take some work.

I'm off to work some more on these new songs.

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