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05/31/2004 @ 01:56 AM: AT/DT rehearsed again tonight, Sunday, for the first time in a couple of weeks on account of busy schedules. Absent was bassist Erik; not absent was the creative energy. We wrote two-and-a-half new songs, tentative titles being: "Cash For Trash," "Friends (With Benefits)," and "Fight Song." The latter didn't get completely worked up due to the arrival of two St. Paul police officers, interrupting us mid-jam and declaring: "You guys are done. There have been noise complaints. If we have to come back, we're writing tickets." I much preferred the second officer's demeanor; he supplemented his partner's comments with: "It sounds really good. You guys are just too loud."

I'm so proud. Our first band encounter with the police because we were "too loud." (And our bass player wasn't even there!)

DT also had a song idea we started to work up, but we got sidetracked with another idea, and then the cops showed up. It's okay. We have a couple rehearsals still before we hit the recording studio to start work on the new album.

It was a lot of fun tonight. I hope we're able to get the new album done and out quickly so y'all can partake in the festivities. We're itching to get out and play also. Soon!!

Rock 4 The People.

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