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06/22/2004 @ 10:23 PM: An update on AT/DT's progress in the recording studio...

The band has been writing and rehearsing on and off since April, and we finally got into the studio on Sunday, June 13th (Sunday is our usual rehearsal day). Our goal was to get the basic tracks for two songs. We got one, "Interesting," the first new song we wrote following the release of our 2002 EP Rock 4 The People. This past Sunday, June 20th (my birthday), we again had a goal of two songs but got one; however, the power going out for two hours didn't exactly aid our quest (though it did give us time to grill leftover party food). That newest one is called "I Wish I Were George Bush," based on an idea Ben came up with while serving in Bosnia. I think "I Wish" signifies the end of the screwball AT/DT and welcomes in the real rock band AT/DT; it's a great song that actually talks about something besides trying to get a woman to sleep with you (though I'm not knocking any of our earlier material). Both tracks sound AWESOME! Dave put down solid, excellent drums tracks, and the band's energy in the studio really translated well to tape. I'm also taking more time getting sounds, and we're not consuming massive quantities of beer while tracking (like we did for the first CD). I'm looking forward to overdubs on both these tunes a lot. The band goes into the studio again on Sunday. Maybe this time we will get two! Either way, it looks like our plan to put down a great album quickly but carefully is working out.

Also, thanks to everyone who came to this year's birthday party. As I previously indicated, it will indeed be the last one; I can't see going to all the trouble for a 6th annual b-day bash next year. That's not saying the five years' worth of parties were trouble. The tradition just seems to have run its course. Every year the bash had a completely different complexion, and I could never predict it ahead of time. 2001 and 2002 were my favorite years because they were the craziest. Yeah, I'm still a sucker for a wild party. What can I say? In 2001 there were a lot of people--an eclectic combination--and things finally wrapped around 7:30 AM. In 2002 we made the event three-fold; it was also the AT/DT Rock 4 The People CD release party and a film shoot for revisions. Over two-hundred people attended that one. These last couple of years were tamer. I think the indication that times were a changin' came this year when Jeremy (Soliton comrade) and Sarah (his wife) showed up with their four-month-old daughter. They wanted her to be there, I was happy to have her there, and everyone knew the traditional "bash" was not the correct context for babies. So there you have it. We're all older, and we're okay with that. Thanks for five wonderful years.

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Andrew Thomas