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07/27/2004 @ 02:02 PM: One year ago today we launched The site is still incomplete (the 'About' and 'Projects' sections are in the works), but I've routinely posted news bits and commentary, and the mailing list is alive and well. Designer Scott Lindberg did an exceptional job developing and creating the site, and he has since launched his revamped design business and website: Have a look, and by all means consider him for design work if you need it. (I can vouch for his work, obviously.)

The front news page has turned into more of an online journal than I'd planned, but this website is supposed to be multi-faced; meaning, I've got my hands in numerous things--music, film, politics, and teaching--and so informal writings related to each as they're relative has turned into the means of keeping the front page fresh. As I inch closer to releasing another solo album, as my band AT/DT continues to work on our next CD and prepare for live shows, and as the release of the revisions film draws closer, there will be more actual news to post. In the meantime, it's been fun to put my thoughts down to paper (server) for everyone (or no one) to read. In a way it keeps me honest.

So now it's on to year two. Hopefully we will see some--or all--of the projects in progress come to fruition. And if John Kerry is elected president somewhere in there, I'll be sleeping a little better.

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