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09/06/2004 @ 11:26 PM: It has never been my intention to let this website sit dormant for too long, but unfortunately for the past month or so things have been kind of busy. So here's the general update on various things, slightly belated.

For a week in July and a week in August, Jeremy and I logged some long hours in the recording studio working on a Christmas album for the Madison-based band Arena Venus. It's our second time working with AV and third Christmas album we've recorded in our careers during summer (gotta have it done in time for the season, you know?). As time permits, I also work on my own solo music, the new AT/DT CD, and audio processing for the revisions film.

Tomorrow I'm back in the grind at school, closing out work on my Political Science degree and a few of the red tape U of M requirements still looming. Moral is low; I'm significantly older than most other college students and am quite busy with various other projects, so I'm going to have to keep my head up and my spirits light if I wish to put my academic record in the kind of shape that law schools appreciate.

The heat is on. As I suspected, the Bush campaign and their soft-money counterparts have churned out some extremely negative campaign tactics in order to smear John Kerry's reputation and paint him as soft on security, a flip-flopper, and--of all things--a liar about his military service. I personally despise the language with which the gigantic Republican party has chosen to use throughout this presidential campaign, and I hope those who feel likewise will be sure to vote their minds on November 2nd. I don't quite understand the hesitation on the part of many to distance themselves from getting more involved, especially when doing so can be done in even the simplest of ways. Visit to see what you can do. (You can, of course, visit the website of your choice of candidate for any race and do the same.)

Work on the new AT/DT album has been slow, but so far the new tracks sound excellent. Our immediate goal is to complete and release to the internet the time-sensitive "I Wish I Were George Bush" before the end of this month. Otherwise, we'll continue to plug along on the CD and hopefully have a couple of show dates to announce relatively soon.

The rough cut of revisions is progressing. Considering the entire Siege Perilous Films gang has been working on the film for over two years, completion of the rough cut is a significant marker for us. I just hope we do indeed finish the final cut in time for 2005 film festival submissions.

Not like it was a real emergency, but a couple of months back I heard that Mr. Edward Van Halen was planning to leave his contract with Peavey, thus ending production on his signature Wolfgang guitar (and possibly 5150 amplifier series??). Those in the know are aware that I stopped buying guitars after I first played and purchased an Ivory Wolfgang Special in 1998. It has always been my intention to buy a Wolfgang Standard (the really nice one) to have two, and I felt a little pressure to do it soon when I learned of the EVH-Peavey split. In July I landed a Green Flametop Wolfgang Special off eBay, and after failing to secure a Standard model in similar fashion, I bought new one of the last Dark Cherryburst Wolfgang Standards made; it still has to ship, so cross your fingers for me. Now I own three (almost), and I can safely say I am done buying Wolfgangs. They're still the only guitar I truly love playing.

I'd better end this one before I go into more boring topics. See ya a little sooner next time.

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