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09/19/2004 @ 04:53 PM: I have only two brief items for today's post.

1. If you aren't signed up for the AT/DT mailing list, you'll want to get on it soon. We are getting ready to release a brand new single to radio and our website, and first announcement about the release will come via the mailing list. Send an email with "subscribe" in the subject line to: to sign up.

2. There is some lagging on the part of supporters for the Kerry/Edwards ticket. Just because polls show a slight bump for Bush right now doesn't mean anything is over. There's six weeks until the election--plenty of time to drum up support for the candidates who aren't basing their campaign on deception, negativity, and paranoia. You don't need to do much! Visit and see what your options are. You can donate a small amount of money, get a yard sign or bumper sticker, volunteer for canvassing or phone banks, or take on a larger role. ANYTHING is helpful and creates a sense of overall support for Kerry and Edwards on election day. I am extremely busy with all that I do, but I am still donating some time to the campaign. Before election day I will be taking part in a couple of rallies, writing editorials to newspapers, holding a house party, and on election day I'm volunteering to drive people to their polling place. Pride and ownership accompany being involved, and it's a great feeling. Now is the time!

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Andrew Thomas