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11/02/2004 @ 12:34 AM: Though you've probably already heard it a thousand times, today is the day to vote!

Not registered? In Minnesota you can register at your polling place; all you need is a utility bill with your current address and a picture ID.

Not sure where your polling place is or who to vote for? In Minnesota, visit or for all the pertinent information on polling locations, candidates, etc. (You'll need to input your address with zip code to display your district's ballot.)

I am participating in a couple of get-out-the-vote efforts throughout the day. If you have the time and will, feel free to join in. Give me a call: 952-451-5883.

Minnesota is a swing state! Remember, in 2000 Bush won Florida by 537 votes and thus the presidency. EVERY vote does indeed count!

Let's all hope--and work--for the best.

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Andrew Thomas