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11/08/2004 @ 12:06 AM: Time for a few updates again...

Hmm... First off, I am okay. The election outcome was certainly not what I'd hoped--and worked--for, but here we are. We must all deal. I still have about two dozen emails sitting in my inbox and several phone messages that I have yet to respond to. The majority of them all asked the same question: How did/could this happen? I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday pondering that question and have composed an essay which takes in to consideration all of the factors that led up to how this happened. I will complete it and send it out in the next week. There's thirty years covered in the thing, so don't be expecting brevity.

The Week In Rock
It may have been a terrible week on the political front (for a progressive like me, that is), but the rock and roll I experienced throughout helped calm my fears. Last Sunday I saw a Van Halen show with the greatest impromptu EVH guitar solo ever, Saturday night was a surprisingly fun time at The Donnas followed by a charity event at The Uptown that featured several buds performing sets (and amidst the audience), and tonight I got to see Paul Westerberg remind of me of what it takes to make great music. Throw in some quality practice time and new songs written for both AT/DT and my solo stuff, and it was an awesome week in rock.

This little snippet is my first announcement of some new plans I've got for my solo music. I've been writing some new tunes intended for a just-me solo acoustic guitar and vocals show. All the big plans I ever had for the second album and shows to back it up have simply been too big. It's time to break it down to the core--good songs unclouded. I'm looking forward to getting a set together, and I'm sure I'll be nervous as hell at the first gig.

That's it for now.

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