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12/19/2004 @ 09:44 AM: I am considering renaming December "Stress Month." Forget the holidays, it's everything else that is simultaneously reaching their respective boiling points.

I started out this semester at school in a not-very-good place, and the repercussive effects are resonating. Right now I'm simply working my ass off and trying to make a big final push to the end. And in just a few days I'll know better the results of my tardy motivation.

One very cool thing has come from my school woes; I have written four new songs to accompany each of my classes from this semester. Their titles are: "Perspectives," "Throw Away The Key," "On The Rocks," and "A League Of My Own." All are relatively simple in construction, but catchy pop-rock songs nonetheless. The idea is to track them all quickly and create a mini "Fall Semester '04" EP. I'll be taking a break from excessive studying tonight to put drum tracks down with Dave. If all goes well, I'll have these songs recorded and mixed, in their entirety, in about a week's time.

With a hint of humility I must admit that the idea to record these new songs came from feelings of desperation to demonstrate to my instructors that I do actually give a damn about the content of my courses. It's the old trick from high school--write a song, impress the teacher. But that makes it sound like more of a shallow move than it is. For me personally I get to take a very hands-on approach to the material and get some of my creative juices flowing at the same time. (Said creative juices have not been getting their due time since I returned to school a few years ago.)

So all of this led to an idea a few days ago that has me flying high about the possible structure of my next solo album. I have had--in the nearly ten years since my first album came out--a terribly difficult time putting together an entire album's worth of material that is relevant and complementary. I've considered doing just an EP, but the idea never appealed to me much. So the other day I thought this: What if I were to release a CD of three or four EPs put together? The possible four-to-six song collections could be from various projects, including the Gemini sessions (my abandoned second album from a few years ago), just acoustic guitar and voice songs, school songs (the four new ones included), and a batch of some of the new, full-fledged production tunes I've recorded recently (that I'm super proud of, incidentally). Each section of the CD could have its own mastering and artwork. Beyond that, each "EP" would only need to relate to itself, and yet I would be putting out a full-length album that is truly that--a collection of my music works from the past several years. The more I've thought about it, the more I'm liking it. And another big bonus is that most of the material is already recorded. To finish the album would be mostly a project of touching up, cleaning up, and mixing all the songs. It'd be nice to get something out in '05.

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