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12/22/2004 @ 04:22 AM: A quick update on Sunday night's recording session...

The four new songs went down great. The idea was to keep things simple and work fast. Dave actually played his old Tama drums (from high school--the ones he stores at Soliton). Back in the old days we could never get those things to sound good on tape. Sunday night, though, I was feeling--rather emphatically--that they were some of the best drum sounds I've ever engineered. Simple is good, I guess!

Here are a few photos from the recording session:

Soliton-Dec19-ControlRoom (45k image)

Soliton-Dec19-ATCherryPick (42k image)

Soliton-Dec19-DTYellowJam (48k image)

More updates and a special announcement are coming soon!

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Andrew Thomas