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05/31/2005 @ 05:04 AM: DrD&AT&Z-WebPhoto (59k image)
Dr. D (Dean Alger) / AT (Andrew Thomas) / Z-man (Zack Wolff)

"The Legendary Lonnie J." (2880k mp3 file)

Here's a song recorded a couple of months back by Dr. D and myself, called "The Legendary Lonnie J." Dr. D has been doing research for a book on the great blues guitar legend Lonnie Johnson, and he wrote this song in tribute to the man himself. I'm not sure in what stage Dean's research is at, but I do know that it has led him to interviews with such blues greats as BB King and Buddy Guy, among others.

Dr. D, the Z-man, and I have been doing some work in the recording studio recently for an extended demo/new CD project.

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Andrew Thomas