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06/20/2005 @ 01:34 PM: Today is my 30th birthday. I guess I don't fully understand the hype associated with this supposed pinnacle of existence. I certainly don't feel old, though I do consider myself to be wiser than my early-20s counterpart. And though I have had many a bought with the idea of my youth and career-related ambitions escaping with the departure of my 20s, I have never felt better about who I am, how I learn, and the projects I'm working on. I'm pretty okay with this.

In other news, lots of very cool stuff has been brewing over the past several weeks that I have failed to make note of in this forum. For starters, my rock band AT/DT will finally crack its safety shell and play a gig--in a club. The rock concert will commence at 10:30 PM on Tuesday, July 5th, at the Uptown Bar & Grill in Minneapolis (3018 Hennepin Avenue). We will play a full set of both new and old songs. I am personally looking forward to it very much, and with any luck we'll get a couple more shows booked for the latter half of summer.

I am basically done with my Political Science degree as of last month. I have a few U of M hurdles to throw myself over yet, but they will be taken care of in relative short time. I am quite thankful to have the time now to concentrate more completely on music and creative endeavors. My getting back to work in the political landscape, however, is just a matter of time. Beware neo-cons!

Siege Perilous Films continues to work on the revisions film. The majority of the editing tasks are falling in my lap right now as audio is our primary concern. Some of the work is fun (creating environments and sound effects, for example), and some of the work drives me absolutely crazy; if I never have to process hours upon hours of location audio again it means that my life will have fallen somewhere in the realm of perfect.

More updates soon...

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