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07/02/2005 @ 06:00 PM: Because I need to keep the upcoming AT/DT show at the top of my page, I'm pre-empting the following post with the quick info: AT/DT (my kick-ass rock band) / The Uptown Bar & Grill in Minneapolis (3018 Hennepin Avenue) / Tuesday, July 5th / 10:30 PM / No Cover. Be there! We're back and rocking, and y'all need to come see it.

As I write this, I am truly in awe. For fear of sounding too dramatic, I am tuned into the Live 8 concert and just watched the reunited Pink Floyd perform a virtual greatest hits of songs from the Gilmour/Waters era. I should preface the following with a note about my fanship with regard to Pink Floyd. At no point in my youth or otherwise did I ever go through a Pink Floyd "phase" or discovery of the band's music; I've simply been a casual fan--owning a few records, having seen The Wall, and being able to sing along with most of the tunes one hears on the radio. Still, for some reason beyond my own knowing at this time, I was genuinely ecstatic when I read just a few weeks ago that PF would again perform together. Just a few years ago they still would only communicate via their lawyers when assembling a chronology package. And as I just watched I spoke out loud to myself: "What are they gonna do next?" Of course... "Comfortably Numb." These guys were pissed off at one another to such an extreme level, and for this specific event they put the shit aside. Perhaps it was just the cause, or maybe it was age and some perspective on the petty things that don't actually matter over time (if that is the case--I honestly don't know). The overwhelming "why" that possesses my thoughts while absorbing this awesome phenomenon seem to routinely lead me back to cultural precedent the first Live Aid concert set twenty years ago and the absolute need for this new incarnation now. The world is in dyer need of a collective wake-up call in the worst way; our individual wealth and selfish conveniences counter the very fundamental ideas of humanity. The Live 8 concert is not about raising money, but rather raising awareness of extreme poverty. Thank you again, Bob Geldof.

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Andrew Thomas