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07/09/2005 @ 02:13 AM: Well it was about time AT/DT got out and played a show! I don't recall the last time I hyped a Tuesday gig so much (if ever at all), nor can I honestly remember the last time I was so nervous beforehand.

For all practical purposes, last Tuesday's AT/DT concert at the Uptown Bar & Grill was simply a warm-up for the band--a means of getting comfortable on stage together and gauging the reaction from outsiders. Still, for me personally it was the first time in a long time that I was putting so much of my own thing out there for anyone and everyone to love or hate (nearly every gig I've played in the past five years was for someone else's project); I spent a good few years earlier discovering and then combating a serious, yet stupid, insecurity that was partially the result of some serious music career blunders in the past (a terribly unguided debut album from 1995, for example). I believe good friends who understood this particular vice of mine came out in part to demonstrate their support and understanding of this, and I am of course incredibly grateful for it. So in all senses I think the evening was a success, though not without its rough spots, but an excellent launching point for the next phase of the band. If I try and point to one piece of evidence of that success specifically, it is without a doubt the audience's response to the new tune "Silent Treatment." I wrote this simple--and incredibly juvenile--song a few months back after hearing the term on the television just before stepping into the shower. As I tried my best to not get shampoo in my eyes, I sang out loud the main verse lyrics, "You no give it up... I no talk to you," and banged the groove on the shower wall. Then and only then did I decide that a song called "Silent Treatment" should have a chorus of absolute silence. And just as a side note: I was ridiculously overtired and wired on coffee while this was all going down, so in essence it is a peak into my neurotic stream-of-conscious creative mind. And the fucking band went for it. And the fucking crowd loved it. I needed a sign, and I got it.

The setlist from the show is posted below, as are a few photos. There'll be another AT/DT show or two confirmed in the very near future. I think we figured a lot of stuff out at this last one, thus the band will find its groove quickly and soon kick some serious ass.

The Uptown Bar & Grill
Tuesday, July 5th, 2005

Intro/Fanfare for the Common Man
Drum Solo
I Wish I Could Be George Bush
Friends (With Benefits)
Bass Solo
Silent Treatment
Baby's Back Seat
Guitar Solo
Bar Fight
Rock 4 The People

ATDT-July5-01 (36k image)

ATDT-July5-02 (47k image)

ATDT-July5-03 (33k image)

ATDT-July5-04 (31k image)

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