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07/31/2005 @ 06:22 AM: Time for another round of updates...

AT/DT is back at the Uptown Bar & Grill on Wednesday, August 31st. We go on at 10:30, and there's no cover. For anyone who may have missed our last show... don't let this one go! The antics will only get crazier. We're also playing loads of new material that was written as a band, in rehearsal; our first CD was arranged entirely in the recording studio, which meant we had to essentially "learn" the songs together in order to play them live. The new songs, by contrast, were born with tons of awesome live energy.

The group is also headed back into the recording studio to continue work on our new album. New bassist DJ will be able to make his recording debut, and we'll finally be able to lay down tracks for songs we've had written for a long time now. Tunes that have been finished or are nearly completed are: "Interesting," "I Wish I Could Be George Bush," "Bar Fight," "Silent Treatment," and "Space Lesbians." In the works are: "Dripping Addiction," "Friends (With Benefits)," "Old Fart," "Chick Cop," "Pink Is Back," and "Apollo." The titles alone give away that we have not yet expanded extensively beyond our adolescent influences (though there are hints of broader topics occasionally).

The revisions project has been progressing at about its normal pace--which is drastically slow. For those keeping a time journal, this elaborate independent film project, the brainchild of my buddy James, began shooting in March of 2002. We wrapped in the fall of 2003, and the movie has been in post-production since. There's any number of reasons/excuses why it has taken so long to complete--none that are more frustrating for anyone but us producers. I will say this: The next time you watch a movie, sit through the end credits and try to count the names of all involved. If you want to be specific, count the names of only those involved in production and post-production. Then imagine having all that work resting mostly in the hands of three people. Then try to fathom said small team simultaneously trying to raise the money for the project. That's us... Siege Perilous Films. I believe we will make another film after revisions, but I'm certain we'll have a budget, schedule, and numerous hired hands in place before it actually happens.

Two years this website has been up, and I have yet to complete the remaining two sections, the 'Projects' and 'About' portions. There is also a 'Studio' section update coming soon. No promises, but I'm annoyed that the website is incomplete and have been working here and there on things for it.

Solo Music
At no time in my life prior to now have I felt as comfortable as a songwriter, guitarist, producer, and engineer. I have achieved a degree of confidence that in all probability could have existed much earlier, but it simply didn't. As a guitarist I've discovered that I prefer playing with other musicians and leaving plenty of room for spontaneity, and in songwriting and studio work I've never been able to execute ideas as efficiently and effectively as I do now. With that said, being a solo artist confined to the loneliness of a recording studio now has much less appeal, so it is unlikely I will pursue a solo career as aggressively as I once did. I still intend to work on music on my own, and I have a number of cool projects in the works (both a songwriting demo for shopping and an all-mono album recorded at home), but playing with groups and performing live have fast become my primary focus.

A couple of weeks back I went through numerous old tapes of songs I've recorded since 1998 (approaching 50). To do a new solo album would simply be a matter of choosing the songs, touching them up, adding and subtracting parts, and mixing. I'm certain I'll do it, but I have no timeline for when it will possibly be done.

Thanks for reading.

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