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09/05/2005 @ 06:46 AM: August was probably one of the most chaotic months I've seen in a good while, though anyone who knows me personally is aware that I am, in general, a rather high-strung individual. (In other words, things are often and regularly chaotic as-is.) In addition to keeping up with my 40-plus guitar students a week, I had numerous recording studio projects needing to be completed before their respective August deadlines, the revisions film had a specific goal for all spoken dialogue audio to be processed and inserted, and AT/DT rocked the Uptown once again last Wednesday eve. For the most part, everything got done in relative order, and I came out only mildly exhausted but with an unusual late-summer cold.

Speaking of the AT/DT show, we had an absolute blast. The draw was good, the crowd was into it, we played consistently and with a load of energy, and overall the night was an excellent time. Below is a photo of the band performing.

ATDT-Uptown-Aug31 (37k image)

By now we've all heard about and seen footage of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. For those of us all the way up here in MN, it can be understandably tough to comprehend exactly what it must be like. Imagine this: All that you know and have ever known in civilization is abruptly washed away with only a few days' notice at best, and the place you've called home for any given period of time is reduced to a polluted, lawless ghost city of death. For those of us still functioning normally, it seems so far away. But it's not; this is our country. For all the political separation of the past few years, this isn't a debate of foreign policy or partisan rhetoric (though I must say I am truly disgusted with how both sides have made claim in the form of the infamous "I told you so"). Next time the tragedy could hit you or me, and we also could very well be reduced to a cry for help. Rescue groups need resources--they need money. Other groups are collecting clothes and items for those who have lost everything. These are American people who have become refugees in our own country. Everywhere on the internet there are links to ways to help (even Google has something right there!). Fifty bucks or more can make a difference. Do it!

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Andrew Thomas