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10/02/2005 @ 05:43 PM: Today was the final Twins game of the season. There's nothing new I can say about this disappointing season that hasn't already been said everywhere else. I was just happy to see Santana get another win, thus giving him even more of a chance for a second Cy Young award. It was also good to see the team finish at least a few games over .500.

Every project I'm involved with has been weighing heavily on me lately. As AT/DT has leapt out to the club scene, I have effectively been feeling all the pressure to push the band in a constant forward motion. And as acting manager and producer, this means I need to break the barrier with different clubs and pursue the best available (and attainable) shows. Likewise, our new CD is about half done; we'd like to see an early '06 release on it, which means the time to be working is NOW. Coordinating our four schedules is a task in and of itself, so the aforementioned completion goal remains tentative.

Our credibility gap on the revisions project couldn't be larger, but I can confidently say to those who remain skeptical of its quality or even completion will eat their words in relative short order. The core group of producers, James, Scott and myself, meet once a week or more to review the previous week's work and sculpt out the next batch of objectives. We do this amidst our already full-time schedules, and we do it because we fundamentally believe in what we set out to do, albeit naively. A feature length movie, shot entirely on film (NOT digitally), with no shortcuts taken in the areas of audio and graphics, is a terribly overwhelming task. Right now we are working at an excellent pace with the hope of holding test screenings within the coming weeks. I truly look forward to finally screening the film for others and simultaneously silencing a few nay-sayers out there.

Don't miss the upcoming "twin" AT/DT Space Lesbians concert series this month:

Wednesday, October 19th @ Station 4 in St. Paul
Opening for Modesty Panel (New Jersey)
$3 Cover or Free Admission w/ Comp Ticket
AT/DT plays @ 9:00 PM

Thursday, October 27th @ The Uptown in Minneapolis
w/ Sons of Vietnam, Great Girls Blouse & Brett Hansen
No Cover
AT/DT plays @ 10:00 PM

Check out the flyer and download comp tickets for the Station 4 gig at the AT/DT website:

Each show will be very different in character, with a "rock" theme happening at Station 4 and a Halloween themed performance at the Uptown; we'll debut at least one or two new songs, and our usual one-cover-song-per-set will be different at each show. If you haven't yet seen us, get on out to a show! And be ready for an explosion of energy on stage.

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