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12/04/2005 @ 04:43 PM: During the past few years, December has been the month I dread. It always represented the culmination of multiple deadlines and the disruption of "normal" life; I'm speaking mainly of the "most wonderful time of the year"--the holidays. This year is quite different, however. I think by not being in school I am able to appreciate the shift in the regular. Also, the deadlines hanging on me are certainly more fun and of a creative nature.

For example, my workload on the revisions film has never been greater; I am at present responsible for processing, managing, creating, mixing, and seeking out legal releases for all of the dialogue, music, ADR, and Foley. Most of the final edit depends on my work and placement of said items, so the other producers can merely wait for each batch of audio I give to them. Though indeed a hefty load, it is the part of the movie I have looked forward to the most, mainly because it involves more creativity than some of the previous technical aspects I was also in charge of.

Also, though we tend to stall out when there are no immediate gigs on the horizon, AT/DT is working on our first full-length CD, of which I am holding the reigns on production and engineering. Getting those guys to come out and cut tracks is like pulling teeth, but the album thus far does sound pretty damn good; I think we've touched on some old-fashioned, raw, and extremely fun rock n' roll.

Add to everything the relentless task of keeping forty-plus guitar students in some kind of scheduled order throughout vacations, holidays, and the like, and I should be just as Scrooge-ified as ever. Yet somehow I am liking the snow, enjoying all the work, and telling just as many jokes (not all necessarily funny) as ever. If I had any idea what the secret was, I'd say it.

A parting note: A 'Studio' section update is on its way along with a complete website re-design. I don't expect the new site to be up for a couple of months, but it will be complete.

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