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12/31/2005 @ 07:18 AM: On this, New Year's Eve 2005, I reflect back on what easily felt like the swiftest year of my life--and one of the most personally rewarding, I'm happy to say.

When a friend or acquaintance asks me how everything has been going, I often give my answer more consideration than just casual. Indeed my most common response throughout '05 has been: "You know... really good."

So to summarize the year...

AT/DT broke out of hibernation and began playing regular shows--so much fun I can't tell you. Watch for the new CD in '06.

The revisions film nearly reached fruition, and it will indeed be completed in the first few weeks of '06 (as we have strict festival submission deadlines--I'm working my tail off). I've collected an awesome gathering of Minnesota bands for the soundtrack and composed the score. The Siege Perilous Films gang has put in an enormous amount of work on this extended project, so we are incredibly excited to be nearing the end.

Teaching is going well, I think my students are progressing (and seem to like me for the most part), and the environment at My Music Store has been excellent.

The recording studio has become more a place for positive creation of music, and not so much a frantic facility of deadlines and regular headaches. I wasn't so sure Soliton would even remain in existence throughout '05, but it has found a new purpose and nitch, if-you-will, in both mine and Jeremy's respective musical worlds.

I turned thirty and never really had the supposed crisis that accompanies it for some. Thirty is actually pretty cool; what's the big deal?

At the end of '04 I owned four Wolfgang guitars. Now I own eleven (and a crapload of other new gear). I don't know if one could really consider this an achievement so much, but it is pretty cool. Did I mention I have never been more excited about playing and progressing on the guitar?

Relationships all around are good and mental status remains at a continuous "positive." What more can one ask for?

There are of course a handful of events I would take back if I could, but dealing with such occurrences is also part of growing older. And I wouldn't mind some significant changes in many social, political, and cultural issues right now in the U.S. and beyond; the pendulum swings, however.

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Andrew Thomas