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01/19/2006 @ 11:03 PM: The year two-thousand-six has thus far been quite busy.

The revisions movie project has a very specific deadline fast approaching. Post-production has been in high gear for several weeks, and we hope to deem the film done within a couple of weeks in order to make a festival submission deadline. I have been jumping from one task to the next--writing and recording music score, creating and recording various needed sounds, and tracking down legal approval for all of our contributing soundtrack artists. I feel like this past week finally put me in a position where I can see mostly black ink from crossed out items on the metaphoric "to-do" list. We've been working on this film for nearly four years. The only way I can think to describe the feeling of where we are at is to say that we are "sprinting to the finish line."

AT/DT has a new MySpace page up (click on the previous link) and will soon have a new official website domain. We've also set a new regular rehearsal time on Wednesday nights with the hope of expediting our writing and recording process. I think we're all excited to hear the new CD finished, there just hasn't been a lot of time to work on it. The CD has been kind of hanging out at around half-done for a couple of months now--should get a kick start soon. In the meantime, we have another show coming up at The Uptown with two other awesome bands. At that show--and for one night only--we will temporarily become "A Mr. T/D Mr. T." Needless to say, we pity da fool who don't come see our rock show. The flyer:

ATDT_MrTFlyer (15k image)

I have also launched a solo MySpace music page: Check it out for a few songs and photos.

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Andrew Thomas