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02/14/2006 @ 09:16 AM: The following is a blog entry I put up on the AT/DT MySpace page a couple of days ago. It's just some simple thoughts on the show at The Uptown last week that I thought was worthy of a post here.

Last Thursday's show at The Uptown was our first back in a couple of months. We all found ourselves rather busy throughout the holidays, thus the band ended up on something of a reluctant hiatus. But as of January we have been rehearsing and writing more regularly than just about any other time in our tenure, so I suspect more frequent shows and progress on the still-half-done new CD will define our immediate future.

This most recent show was still something of a lesson-learner. In the Twin Cities, headlining on a weeknight of any kind is tough business; people just don't stay out late to see music except in very select instances. So while we did play to a fairly steady crowd, it was only about one-third the capacity of what we've typically drawn at The Uptown. Now of course it didn't help that Minnesota got hit with several inches of show earlier in the day. Upon waking up and seeing it my first thought was: "Oh, shit. There goes half our audience." Additionally, we were slated to take the stage at about 11:15. We actually went on shortly after midnight. The usual tight-ship style of The Uptown was not present on this particular eve. I found myself pretty disappointed--and borderline pissed--as the night progressed; indeed it is not fun to watch your potential crowd slowly disperse before your set.

Now before my rant takes the ultimate dive into an unreturnable negative abyss, it is important to note several very positive aspects of our A-Team themed rock event. First, this show was mainly set up by me and Joe (from Guitarzan Vs. Bazzilla featuring Drumasaurus Rex V) for the specific reason of getting our fellow music store bud, Nick, back on stage doing his surf rock thing. I booked the show, Joe played bass for Nick's new incarnation of his band, and the newly deemed "Sickwave" opened the evening--and was very well received. So in that sense our mission was accomplished. Second, since I started teaching at My Music Store in Golden Valley I've routinely claimed the environment is very positive and almost family-like. So many of the gang from the store came out it was truly a wonderful thing, and I really felt like I had friends there. (This also meant I had to buy a large round of drinks to said folks, as promised, but it was damn worth it.) Third, though I was somewhat frustrated throughout the evening, which in essence made my energy goofy as all hell on stage (stoic at some points, laughing at other times, and spazzing out on occasion as well), I think I played better than just about any other AT/DT show. Likewise, DT and DJ both did better than I can recall. I was so scrambled the whole day and night, I just didn't have a decent read on how we actually played; I felt terrible about it after the gig, but a review of the recording the next day really showed me that it wasn't that bad at all. For the first time in like... ever, I was digging my solos. So our rehearsal time has been paying off all around, and I sincerely believe we will continue to get better.

So with all that said, we are going to now take a different approach to booking shows. For the upcoming spring and summer we will do more opening spots, hopefully on weekends, for bigger bands around the Twin Cities. It has been awesome to work our way into The Uptown--and they have indeed been very good to us--but it is tough business carrying the load on a weeknight. I think our "fun rock" and high energy show can attract a few new fans if we have the opportunity to play more for new people.

And one last VERY important note: We have an absolutely awesome core group of fans who come out to nearly every show. You guys rule. Thanks!


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