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03/10/2006 @ 07:03 AM: After going through something of a late-winter motivation rut, I am suddenly in a "zone," creative and otherwise. In addition to always pursuing gigs and progress with regard to AT/DT, my duties with Siege PerilousFilms and the revisions movie project are still in abundance--and I've had the stress headaches and don't-fuck-with-me attitude as evidence thereof. Late nights at the recording studio and constant correspondence with all involved have essentially defined my extra-curricular existence for a few weeks now. The damn film is going to get done eventually--soon, that is.

Now what this whole exhausting process has afforded me is routine exercise of the cerebral kind in a very creative manner. Even on the average day my brain is always concocting and imagining music, words, and visual ideas. When in the "zone," however, I venture into a whole new supersonic world of hyper-construct activity and thought. So, with that said, in just the last few days I have begun tossing around the idea of writing, recording, and mixing an album of experimental music in very prompt fashion. My work on the revisions score inspired the initial thought that, yes, I could indeed do an album of original material in relative quick order. And I even have a working title, though it will remain classified until I further explore, in both mind and the physical sense, the concept notion. Moreover, I am considering booking a one-off solo show to celebrate my June birthday; when thinking about it a short while back, I asked myself: What is the one thing I'd love to do to celebrate my b-day? So I just may be revisiting some old tunes, and new ones as well, in a live capacity this summer.

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