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07/12/2006 @ 01:59 AM: I am admittedly not as motivated of late to post news and info here on the front of my website. In what would likely be an extreme surprise to those who've known me well since my youth, I've been much in a "let the work speak for itself" frame of mind. Huh.

Well stuff is definitely going on. On the music side of things, which in actuality is about ninety percent of what I do, there's been some progress with current projects and a couple of new ones in development.

Speaking of the latter, for about a year I've been brewing an idea in my head for a completely different kind of music project. Without sounding too artsy-fartsy, never before have I had so few road blocks to contend with in regard to my creative mind; ideas flow faster than I can possible export, and seemingly anything provides genuine inspiration. So with that said, the new idea I'm now working on is very linear and stream-of-consciousness music. It will be a band project, but for the first time ever it will not take on a pop-styled approach. This completely evades just about everything I've ever attempted with regard to music performance, writing, production, and teaching, but I'm truly seeking out a different pallet that holds fewer structural "suggestions." I've been writing and recording music now for just a couple of weeks, and I'll likely release one or two pieces of music--along with the project's title--via MySpace sometime in the coming weeks.

Score and my final two song pieces for the revisions movie project hit a couple of snags a few weeks back. Right now I'm basically limping Soliton along (seems like damn everything broke within about a two-month period), so I was severely limited in my abilities to complete the mixes for the two songs. The ultimate shit-fit occurred when the master DAT I was mixing score to got chewed up in the machine. In fourteen-plus years of using DAT tapes, I've never lost one to gear faults in any capacity. So when the master that housed all of the final mixes of score for revisions bit it that night, and after a failed attempt to salvage one or two of the mixes, I exited the studio and did not return for more than two weeks. I needed a little break away, as the pressure to get score completed was in and of itself more than enough without having to deal with excessive technical and mechanical issues. I've been back now for a couple of weeks; I've fixed some gear and bought some new stuff. It looks like the music for revisions will indeed finally be done shortly.

AT/DT hasn't played out since late-April, but we've been writing and recording for the new CD. Our latest composition, "Take The High Road," came during a couple of low-key rehearsals. It is to date our most Beatles-like song and sounds nothing like anything else we've done, past or present. In fact the last few songs we've written have all held sharp contrast to one another. I think I'm appreciating them so much because I've been seeking more ways to be dynamic in my guitar playing within AT/DT. So much of our stuff is just plain balls-out rock. We end up playing so damn loud at rehearsals and shows that we're literally in a significant state of exhaustion post-jam. (Though that is part of the charm and energy, of course.) We're all extremely eager to get the new CD done and out, and playing out is essentially our main motivation for doing AT/DT in the first place, so the Rock Train will indeed be full-steam-ahead again soon.

Below is a photo I snapped spontaneously when I saw my guitars sitting in the corner and caught of glimpse of the perspective others probably have: Holy shit! Why so many? (The answer is: "Because it's fun.") The picture is cool, but it still only represents about two-thirds of my guitar arsenal. I'm also in the process of assembling two new ones.

Guitars_May_06 (66k image)

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