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12/31/2006 @ 10:12 AM: Resolutions

Rarely have I participated in the ritual that is making resolutions at the New Year. I am compelled to do so this year, however; and I don't specifically have an explanation why except to say there isn't any better reason. In fact, I am so motivated to follow through on these resolutions I am publishing them to the Web, in essence opening myself up to public scrutiny should I fail in my self-imposed goals.

I have only two resolutions. They are:

1. Write and record (in demo form or better) one complete song per week.

Music is Number One in my life. Since childhood it has brought me solace, excitement, expression, motivation, inspiration, and now an occupation. I've dabbled in many aspects of the art and business sects of music, and I feel comfortable with both my strengths and weaknesses. One strength I've given tremendous thought to recently--but not nearly enough dedication--is songwriting. There are many angles to it I would feel comfortable working in (I've often joked if I was hired to be a songwriter on Sesame Street or with The Muppets that my music career would have indeed reached fruition), so I am attaching no parameters beyond the one-song-per-week objective; where and what each song will be deemed for can be determined after its completion. I am interested in putting together a serious songwriting demo for shopping to labels, producers, and artists, I want to keep writing for AT/DT, my solo music, X-Ray Delta (my new experimental band project), Nelson May, and soundtrack work, and I even want to write children's music for fun. So the hope is that by this time next year there are at least 52 new AT songs demo-ed and realized, and perhaps a couple will be on their way to something greater.

2. Improved workouts and regular exercise, including cardiovascular work.

This one is self-explanatory. Since about 2002 my workouts have been reduced significantly, and I've also seen my weight and stress level go up and my quality of diet and overall health go down. Moreover, the reality of age means I need to start taking care of my heart, hence the note about cardiovascular work. It's time to return to--and make time for--healthier living that starts with improved workouts.

2006: It's been a helluva year! Here's to a happy 2007 for everyone.

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