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01/02/2007 @ 12:08 PM: The Wolfgang Profile Series, Part 4

For a full explanation of and introduction to The Wolfgang Profile Series, please visit my post from December 12, 2006: The Wolfgang Profile Series, Part 1. Each previous profile can be found in the News Archive section.

Peavey Wolfgang TR Transparent Dark Cherryburst Flame

Nickname: "The Carolina"
Built: July 2003
Acquired: October 2004
Story: The Carolina has become my Number One Wolfgang, in part because for a long time I felt I needed to "earn" it--the nicest production model Wolfgang manufactured--only when my playing warranted it. The neck on this one is nicer than any other I have owned or played--indeed a cut above the rest. Obtained during the late-2004 mad rush for new Wolfgangs, this guitar has something of a warm story behind its acquisition. After searching endlessly for a new Wolfgang in the rare transparent dark cherryburst finish, and after losing out on multiple auctions on eBay, I posted to the forums at the Peavey website to enquire about the likelihood of delivery through a dealer. A fellow Wolfgang fan from North Carolina, Robert, emailed me with an alternative option: purchase from him the new dark cherryburst Wolfgang he'd recently bought--his fifteenth, I believe he said--so his wife would calm down some. The entire transaction was truly an all-around positive experience. Robert described the color as "timeless and classy," and I've come to agree with him fully (no photo can do it justice). This is the only Wolfgang I presently own that was built in the newer Meridian Peavey plant.

The_Carolina_01 (85k image)
Live w/ AT/DT @ The Uptown in Minneapolis - February 2006

The_Carolina_02 (63k image)
Listening back (and spacing out) @ Soliton - December 2004

Uptown_Feb_07 (88k image)
Live w/ AT/DT @ The Uptown in Minneapolis - February 2007

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