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04/12/2007 @ 05:32 AM: The Wolfgang Profile Series, Part 11

For a full explanation of and introduction to The Wolfgang Profile Series, please visit my post from December 12, 2006: The Wolfgang Profile Series, Part 1. Each previous profile can be found in the News Archive section.

Peavey Wolfgang TR Vintage Gold

Nickname: "England"
Built: 1998
Acquired: November 2005
Story: I became excited about the idea of owning a gold top Wolfgang after learning more about Gibson's original construction of gold top Les Pauls. Peavey took a like cue for the gold top Wolfgang by applying a similar approach: a maple cap (even though it has a solid finish) with a cream binding. Deemed by some as the "holy grail" of tonal combinations, this Wolfgang's maple top on solid basswood--as is the case with the flame top models--is rich in low mids but bright on top. And like the Maverick, this one is noticeably heavier than the average Wolfgang. This was probably the most "used" of all the Wolfgangs I'd bought, but it was extremely well maintained by its two previous owners, and its broken-in feel and player quality has become something I truly appreciate. Gold was one of the earlier colors Peavey offered the Wolfgang in, and this specific guitar was one of the very last Patent Pending models produced. I stuck the "AT" decals on the top the first day I had this Wolfgang; they've been there since.

England_01_Uptown_Feb_06 (78k image)
Live w/ AT/DT @ The Uptown in Minneapolis - February 2006

England_02_CU_Sept_06 (50k image)
Live w/ AT/DT @ Club Underground in Minneapolis - September 2006

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