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04/19/2007 @ 01:11 AM: The Wolfgang Profile Series, Part 12

For a full explanation of and introduction to The Wolfgang Profile Series, please visit my post from December 12, 2006: The Wolfgang Profile Series, Part 1. Each previous profile can be found in the News Archive section.

Peavey Wolfgang Special TR Blue Quilt Custom

Nickname: "The Phat Cat"
Built: N/A (Neck: 1998)
Acquired: February – April 2006
Story: Throughout the end of 2005 and beginning of 2006 I did a good job of convincing myself that in no practical terms was it a good idea to purchase any more Wolfgang guitars (with the lone exception of finding--and affording--a desirable Custom Shop model). Of all things that can provide inspiration, the clean guitar tone featured on the theme to television's "That 70s Show" (performed by Cheap Trick) really drove me to seek out the right pickup configuration to acquire that very tone. Though I absolutely despised Peavey's 2002 decision to do an import version of the Wolfgang Special (known as the Wolfgang Special EXP), the quilt top was kind of flashy looking, so I purchased off eBay an EXP blue quilt body. (The EXP was in multiple ways a much inferior version of the Wolfgang, and the "tops" were in fact a 1/20" quilt maple veneer glued onto solid basswood.) So this Wolfgang Special was my second project guitar, built to be unique and provide very different tonal options. The hardware is all from parted-out USA Wolfgangs, and to obtain the American neck I actually had to buy and disassemble a whole different Wolfgang Special--someone else's project that was itself not all original. Like The Frankengang, I added a tone knob to this guitar. The pickups are covered Seymour Duncans; originally it was a Custom 5 in the bridge position with a coil tap and a Phat Cat (Seymour Duncan's version of the P-90) in the neck position. I absolutely loved the Phat Cat, but the Custom 5 fell short (and sounded quite terrible after I put a chrome cover on it to match the look of the neck pickup), so I later put a Phat Cat in the bridge position--which is simply awesome for rock tones. Both Andy and Ted from My Music Store originally put a lot of work in to help get this guitar assembled. It was finished on April 28th, and I played it at an AT/DT gig on April 29th; the first time I ever heard the sound of the original bridge pickup through my live rig was the first chord of the first song in our set. I never did accomplish the Cheap Trick tone I set out to achieve (most likely just a Les Paul), but I ended up with something I really dig.

The_Phat_Cat_03 (93k image)
The Phat Cat

Frankengang_02_01 (54k image)
Live w/ AT/DT @ Big V's in St. Paul - April 2006

Frankengang_02_Body (59k image)
The Phat Cat's body prior to assembly - February 2006

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Andrew Thomas