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05/19/2007 @ 05:39 PM: I wrote the following for the description portion of the X-Ray Delta MySpace page. Though I have yet to actually complete a piece of music for the project (three songs are very close), I thought of this bit as something of a mission statement or philosophical take on writing music for the band. I say about the same thing when working on songwriting with my students.

A song can have structure, but a song can also be like an abstract painting; if the frequency spectrum is a canvas, musical sounds are colors, shapes, brush strokes, and textures. A single song can have repetition or be completely linear; it can combine both. A song can be based on an event, feeling, thought, or ideal, but when absorbed by the listener it has the ability to invoke any kind of emotion or memory not even considered by the writer. A song can present the purest form of connection between the conscious and subconscious, but it can also display artificial vices that bridge the two. Words in songs often only tell part of the story.

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Andrew Thomas