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07/18/2007 @ 02:22 AM: It's been a helluva few weeks.

I am moved into a new apartment in Uptown and now co-habitating with my wife-to-be Devon. We had strict deadlines of when we needed to be out of our former respective apartments and a no-sooner-than date and time of when we could be in the new one. Add in some mishaps on the part of the truck rental place and a didn't-know-it-would-be-that-much-trouble band gig stuck in the middle of the whole process, and we had ourselves a good, old-fashioned pain-in-the-ass merger/move June 29 through July 1. Some awesome friends and family were on hand for most of the three (yes, THREE) days of packing and moving; it would be hard to imagine a successful move without them.

Not more than a week and a concert from The Police later, new apartment only about half-assembled, Devon and I were on a plane for Seattle for our friend Scott's wedding. We went a week early, though, so as to spend time with her aunt's family north in the San Juan islands (Orca whale-watching is truly a spectacular event), and we took in Seattle and some of what it had to offer for the latter part of the week. Unlike other trips I've taken, I almost completely divorced myself from work--even thinking about work--on this one and felt very little culture shock while hanging out in what is the forty-second state I've now visited. I believe I could happily live in the Seattle area.

I'm back at work now, and there's a lot of things that need attention sooner than later: recording studio projects and maintenance, the final revisions mix, the AT/DT album, songwriting demos, and my car hasn't been washed in almost four months.

Summer has been nothing short of busy thus far; I can safely assume I'll be wondering how it could have gone so fast come early fall.

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