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08/08/2007 @ 02:48 AM: The Wolfgang Profile Series, Part 16

For a full explanation of and introduction to The Wolfgang Profile Series, please visit my post from December 12, 2006: The Wolfgang Profile Series, Part 1. Each previous profile can be found in the News Archive section.

Peavey Wolfgang TR Transparent Red Flame

Nickname: "Revision"
Built: N/A (Body: 1999 / Neck: 1998)
Acquired: April – November 2006 (Sold: November 2007)
Story: This Wolfgang shared an almost identical story to #14--and the same color, coincidentally. A very typical troll on eBay led me to the body for this guitar. Only a couple of times over the years did I ever see parted out arch top Wolfgang bodies come up, and they usually sold for hundreds of dollars. For this one I paid $75 with shipping. The body had a few flaws, the worst of them being a couple of broken off tremolo claw screws that had been super-glued into their respective holes. Overall the problems were relatively easy to fix, and I was left with a pristine body from a top-of-the-line Wolfgang. With an already-acquired birdseye neck sitting idle (which had been intended for another since aborted guitar project) and all of the necessary hardware pieces on hand, another re-assembly was all too easy. This time, though, it was a flame maple Wolfgang arch top at a fraction of the cost. Originally, to make this one unique, I altered the controls; rather than having one master volume and one master tone control, as was the case with production Wolfgangs, I gave each pickup its own volume knob. However, after becoming frustrated with the location of the bridge pickup knob (the lower of the two), I restored the typical volume/tone configuration and did a coil tap, again accessible via a push/pull potentiometer on the tone control. Amongst my arsenal of guitars, Wolfgang #16 was vulnerable; it didn't and wouldn't hold the value of the others because of its "Frankenstein" status, the neck needed some fret work, and I didn't love the color. It was profiled here in the past tense because in November 2007 the guitar was broken back down to parts and sold. Practical and financial reality deemed it necessary at the time. Both the neck and body went to the same buyer, an individual who claimed to be putting them back together again--the next "revision" for this Wolfgang.

Revision_01 (61k image)

Revision_02 (54k image)
Live w/ AT/DT @ The Uptown in Minneapolis - March 2007

Revision_03 (47k image)
Back to Parts - November 2007

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