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08/15/2007 @ 06:02 AM: The Wolfgang Profile Series, Part 17

Peavey Wolfgang Special TR Transparent Purple Flame

Nickname: "Gonzo"
Built: March 2000
Acquired: December 2006 (Sold: June 2008)
Story: I found this purple flame top Special during a routine check of a New York dealer's stock. Now of course with each Wolfgang purchase beyond about #9 I claimed it could and/or should be my last; there is, after all, no rhythm or reason to owning so many of the same guitar. Most of the ones that came after that, however, had at least something unique to offer. This one did not. It was simply a production model Wolfgang Special, the same as several of the others. My reason for buying it: the color. I'd always wanted a Wolfgang flame top in purple, and sadly The Fat Kid's shortcoming in the looks department failed to satisfy that desire. Also, I was able to do some gear trades to cover the majority of the cost, so the actual monetary investment was minimal. Though kept in good condition, this Wolfgang was a player in its previous owner's hands. Upon its arrival I gave the guitar a much-needed thorough cleaning and set-up--which involved an almost complete disassembling. Its given Muppet nickname: Gonzo. The flame top on this Wolfgang was perhaps the most gorgeous of all the Specials (excluding the #15 Custom Shop), but that wasn't enough to halt it from becoming sale material. I struggled to make this one a solid player, thus it was sold in June of 2008 to help fund another Custom Shop Wolfgang purchase.

Gonzo_01 (68k image)
Live w/ AT/DT @ Club Underground in Minneapolis - December 2006

Gonzo_02 (40k image)
Original Ad Photo from Chris' Guitars in New York - September 2006

Gonzo_06 (49k image)
Homecoming Cleaning for Gonzo - December 2006

eBay_Gonzo_07 (50k image)
eBay Sale Photo - June 2008

eBay_Gonzo_08 (47k image)
eBay Sale Photo - June 2008

eBay_Gonzo_10 (60k image)
eBay Sale Photo - June 2008

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