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11/29/2007 @ 06:00 AM: In the now four-plus years of the existence of, I have occasionally neglected front-page news updates. Usually it's for lack of time, but sometimes it's because there isn't much news to actually report--big news, at least. After sitting down at my desk a few moments ago, however, I realized events of the recent have been small in significance but abundant in quantity. So here's the quick laundry-list rundown of the collective that have been occupying my brain.

*AT/DT plays The Hexagon bar on Thursday, December 13th. We have made minimal progress on our new album this year and have hardly been active as a band. There's been talk in the camp of getting back to regular rehearsals and recording work. Doing so would be good for me personally because I am feeling creatively starved with regard to live playing and performing.

*In conjunction with the above, I am considering seeking out a position in another band--one where I am not the primary leader and/or chief songwriter. Just playing with other musicians in a role that carries less weight would be a fun thing, I believe.

*Devon and I are deep into wedding planning. We have the date, location, catering, band, wedding party, and her dress all set. There's still other things to be done. Lots and lots of other things...

*The Twins lost Torii Hunter and have been making other major roster moves, which could soon include trading pitcher Johan Santana. I had a fondness for Hunter and felt the Twins should have kept him in Minnesota for the duration of his career, retired his number upon his own retirement, and forever hung his picture next to his former mentor, Kirby Puckett. It's disappointing.

*I sold a Wolfgang guitar this month--the reconstructed red arch top. (See its updated profile here.) Practicality finally found its way into my world of guitars. I hope it doesn't stay long.

*I have five (5) guitar projects in the works. Three have been reported on here previously, and the other two are a blue sparkle two-humbucker ash Strat and a quilt top mahogany Tele. When not heavily involved in making and playing music, building guitars is my creative outlet.

BSAS_01 (51k image)
Blue Sparkle Ash Strat

*The Clusterfuck to the White House (a term from The Daily Show) has done little to garner my attention. I find it ridiculous that the election cycle starts earlier every time, and I sincerely wish our media conglomerates--especially those in the local markets--would draw more focus to congressional and regional elections. There's less drama there, I know; but politics starts at the local level.

*Devon and I successfully hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our place this year. Our family guests brought dishes, Devon cooked numerous sides, and I cooked The Damn Bird (see photo) despite my vegetarian status. All was good, but nobody drank any of the beer or beverages I bought--just wine.

The_Damn_Bird_Thanksgiving_2007 (39k image)
The Damn Bird - Thanksgiving 2007

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