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12/28/2007 @ 03:06 PM: I spent a good portion of my "spare" time in 2007 working on several different guitar projects. Only one was completed, the blue sparkle ash Strat, and it was only started in mid-November. The finishing process is the reason for the holdup with the others; I have learned a LOT about painting, dying, and clear coating a guitar body (mainly that it is very time consuming and requires extreme patience). But I've also gotten much braver since my first custom guitar project during the summer of 2005. I no longer hesitate at doing the majority of the drilling and mounting myself, and I'll voluntarily do additional routing when needed.

I recall looking through guitar parts catalogs as far back as the late-1980s and thinking it would be a lot of fun to build my own axe. It took me a long time to finally do it, and I started out safe by simply reconstructing a guitar I can confidently call myself an expert on--the Peavey Wolfgang. Most guitars since have taken a few more risks.

And so here they all are presented: The completed ones first (starting with the most recent), followed by the in-progress ones (in order from oldest to newest).


06_Blue_Sparkle_Ash_Strat (72k image)
Custom Blue Sparkle Ash Strat
Completed December 2007
Original Profile Here

05_Trans_Blue_Ash_Tele (74k image)
Custom Trans Blue Ash Tele
Completed October 2006
Original Profile Here

04_Red_Flame_Wolfgang_Standard (71k image)
Reconstructed Trans Red Flame Maple/Basswood Peavey Wolfgang Standard
Completed November 2006 (Sold November 2007)
Original Profile Here

03_Red_Flame_Wolfgang_Special (61k image)
Reconstructed Trans Red Flame Maple/Basswood Peavey Wolfgang Special
Completed May 2006
Original Profile Here

02_Blue_Quilt_Wolfgang (87k image)
Reconstructed Custom Blue Quilt Veneer/Basswood Peavey Wolfgang Special
Completed April 2006
Original Profile Here

01_Gloss_Purple_Wolfgang (51k image)
Reconstructed Custom Gloss Purple Basswood Peavey Wolfgang Special
Completed July 2005
Original Profile Here

In Progress

07_Green_Sustainer_Wolfgang_Special (64k image)
Reconstructed Custom Trans Green Basswood Peavey Wolfgang Special

08_Black_Quilt_Warmoth_VW (40k image)
Trans Black Quilt Maple/Basswood Warmoth VW

08_Orange_Alder_Strat (53k image)
Trans Dark Orange Alder Strat

09_Natural_Quilt_Thinline_Strat (47k image)
Oil Finished Quilt Maple/Alder Thinline Strat

10_Quilt_Mahogany_Tele (49k image)
Quilt Maple/Mahogany Tele

11_Basswood_Strat (66k image)
Basswood Strat

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