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03/02/2008 @ 02:33 AM: In counting just now I realized my previous six posts were all about guitars! This is in line with my relatively newfound "guitar geek" mentality, but it is hardly interesting to those who come seeking other news. So here's a round of quick updates.

The band has been pecking away at our new album. We've agreed recently to get back to a once-a-week rehearsal, so that should help spawn the final bits of creativity needed to finish the CD. I still maintain this new AT/DT material represents some of the absolute best writing and producing I've ever done; even after a couple years of listening to some of the tracks I still find myself happy with and enjoying them. With a gallant push we should be able to get the damn thing completed sooner than later. In the coming weeks I'll be working on final mixes for two of the songs, which will definitely serve as an optimistic boost to the project. Upon its completion we'll also be releasing a new single, "Interesting," to our MySpace page.

For about a month now I've had one of James' iMacs sitting on my desk at home, loaded exclusively with Final Cut Pro and the revisions film project. My task is to complete as much of the final mix as I can. We had been doing the work at James', but the slow nature of this process and our non-complementing schedules made it difficult to connect on a regular basis. So I'm knocking things out a few pieces at a time, and indeed progress has sped up considerably. I still need to complete "State Of Gray," my single song contribution to the soundtrack, which has been missing vocals for entirely too long now. When it is complete, though, I still have every intention of releasing it as a single. The original score I composed will also be made available via the revisions website as we get closer to the actual film release.

Custom Guitars
I've completed three custom guitars these past three months: The Blue Sparkle Ash Strat in December, the Natural Oil-Finished Thinline Strat in January (my favorite custom guitar to date!), and the Sunburst Mini Ash Strat in February. I am damn proud of all three of these instruments and getting quite comfortable at creating guitars in general. Finishing work remains my lone frustration; three other guitars I've been working on have been in-progress now for about a year, and the only major obstacle with all have been dyes and clear coats. They're close, though, and at least one should be completed this month (whichever one I decide to ramp up work on). Pictures of all my guitar and bass projects, completed and in-the-works, are in the photos section of my MySpace page:

It does indeed look as though the long run that has been Soliton Recording Studios will end soon. I've been seeking a new location to house my recording gear that doesn't deem it necessary for me to continually find work to keep up rent and other needs. I'd like to dedicate the majority of my studio time to the one thing I wished to have my own studio for going back as far as I can remember: my own music. DT and I have tentatively agreed to co-rent his rehearsal space in St. Paul. This will offer a less-expensive space but still plenty of time and ability to function. It'll be a whole new phase!

That's all for now.

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