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06/29/2008 @ 02:35 AM: An update here has been LONG overdue. Much as it always seems in spring, things this year have been quite busy. On to news bits...

Yes, on May 4th Devon and I married at the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul. We both found ourselves quite stressed over the details in the weeks before, but the day itself simply turned out awesome. I should add it is not in my nature to avoid the leadership on this kind of major event, but Devon took charge--and did a hell of a job. Indeed it is not a bad thing to walk into the location of your wedding just an hour before and find yourself stunningly impressed with the sight of what your soon-to-be-spouse made happen. We worked really hard to keep everything very personal and not necessarily subscribe to traditions we didn't believe in. But only afterward did I start joking about our "liberal, no God, no name change, vegetarian wedding," because it kind of was just that! From all the reviews received, though, the general consensus is we accomplished our goal of keeping the entire event classy but comfortable.

J_Wedding_01 (44k image)
The Wedding Ceremony - May 4, 2008

Studio Move
On June 1st I officially closed down Soliton Recording Studios, my professional/project studio for the previous eight-and-a-half years, and moved everything to a new location in St. Paul. This is only the newest incarnation of my personal recording setup that has, more or less, been in existence since about 1987; I've literally been engineering recordings since the days of a makeshift cassette two-track and Radio Shack microphone configuration that was my bedroom "studio" in my parents' house. As of about age 16 I started buying actual pro studio gear, and just before turning 20 I joined up with Jeremy to develop Greenhouse Studios in St. Louis Park. We moved from there (the entire upper portion of his mother's house) to the Mobile Media building in January 2000, and I took over as sole proprietor in early 2004. For a good few years working at Soliton was my primary source of income, and I built up a lengthy resume of projects. At the point the economy started to turn and the home-based computer studio movement started to thrive (a super-empowering thing for musicians I in fact fully endorse) I was feeling very burnt on the work anyway; Jeremy and I always used to joke about how stupid it was that we got our paychecks from musicians--who they themselves lived paycheck-to-paycheck. My teaching opportunities revved up in 2004, thus studio work became more supplemental. For too long now I've needed to find a more economical way to keep the gear assembled and functional. The right opportunity presented itself a few months back when my bro, DT, suggested I move into his rehearsal space in St. Paul. Unlike Soliton there are not multiple rooms, but the rent is about 30% of what I was paying before, and the hours are much less limiting. Moreover, it's just a better sounding space. What this means is I can spend more time working on my own music now without having to worry about finding work to keep the place afloat. (I was seriously operating in the red at Soliton for the better part of the past three years.) So now it's just a matter of naming the new place. All should be completely up and running within a couple of weeks.

J_Studio_Move_01 (63k image)

Moving Soliton - June 1, 2008

Hold on to your hats: There is no more crying wolf. The revisions film is three short audio mixing sessions away from being completed. James and I needed to really shift some major focus to the project to get the final edit and audio mix completed, because the casual, occasional work we had been doing was simply not cutting it. As has been the case with EVERYTHING on the film since production began in 2002, the work load(s) was intense. It was a project so much more extremely ambitious than we could have ever imagined, our five-person production team has gone through every possible emotional up and down in those six years. But there really was no way at all we were ever going to give up on the movie. There were some definite extended hiatus periods, but we always came back to it, and we learned a shitload about making movies and working with one another as we chugged along. After numerous nights of work in the early months of this year in my home studio and countless late-night sessions at James', the audio mix is just awaiting final work on one long scene and a few other tweaks. From there the audio tracks go to our mastering engineer Brad--and we breathe a huge sign of relief. At no point earlier could I ever declare this: revisions will see release in 2008.

J_revisions_01 (28k image)
The revisions Website

It's never over. I had wrapped up my periodical postings of The Wolfgang Profile Series, a chain of bits on each of my Peavey Wolfgang guitars, and have been posting info on each of my custom guitars as I've completed them. Well there's three new Wolfgangs since then, and at present I've got six custom guitars in-the-works. So there's more guitar stuff coming, and I'm sure there'll be more after that. (It's crazy, but it's fun.)

J_Guitar_Collage_01 (98k image)
Muchos Guitars

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