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12/20/2008 @ 08:39 PM: Here is the announcement of the start of my new side business: guitar setups and repairs!

Offering Guitar and Bass Setups and Repairs

Hello, my name is Andrew Thomas. I'm a musician, guitar instructor, and recording studio producer/engineer operating in the Twin Cities area. I'm currently offering guitar setups and repairs out of my home in Uptown Minneapolis.

I've played the guitar for more than 20 years, and over the last several years I've started taking them apart, doing modifications, and assembling custom guitar projects (20-plus custom guitars built to date). Through all that I've developed a keen sense of what works and what does not with regard to general function, setup, modifications, parts replacements, repairs, and upgrades. I especially feel comfortable performing full setups on guitars--a practice that should be semi-routine and contributes greatly to the quality of a guitar's overall playability. (A full guitar setup includes a complete string change, neck truss rod adjustment, bridge saddle intonation, cleaning/oiling of the neck, and general lubricating and cleaning of the instrument.) Repairs and modifications I can do include pickup, tuning machine, pickguard, and bridge and hardware installations or replacements, wiring and soldering, and small finish touch-ups. I can also advise on custom-build projects.

Full Setup Pricing (includes regular brand strings):

6 String Electric & Acoustic: $30
12 String Electric & Acoustic: $40
Floyd Rose Equipped 6 String Electric: $40
4 & 5 String Electric Bass: $50

Turn-around time is typically two days or less.

Feel free to call or email me for appointments and for pricing on other repairs and services. Please also visit my website for additional pictures and descriptions of my custom guitar work.


Andrew Thomas
Phone: 952-451-5883
Email: at[@] (please put "GUITAR SETUP" in subject line)

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Andrew Thomas