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01/01/2009 @ 05:17 AM: The Wolfgang Profile Series, Part 20

For a full explanation of and introduction to The Wolfgang Profile Series, please visit my post from December 12, 2006: The Wolfgang Profile Series, Part 1. Each previous profile can be found in the News Archive section.

Peavey Wolfgang TR Transparent Purple Flame

Nickname: "F2"
Built: 1998
Acquired: February 2008 (Sold: January 2009)
Story: Meet the replacement for The Fat Kid: F2. Wolfgang prices soared in 2007 and early-2008. Standard flame top models started going for well over $2,000. I checked for used transparent purple ones often, but they were just going for too much. Patience, however, paid off. I watched this purple flame top Wolfgang when it first appeared on eBay and bid on it last-minute. How I got it for as little as I did I'll never understand, but I can say from experience that quality photos and a detailed description go a long way when selling on eBay, and the seller of this Wolfgang--the original owner--applied neither. In that sense it was a slight gamble, but for the price I knew I could easily recoup my costs if anything was awry (which it wasn't). F2 needed a solid cleaning upon its arrival; I'm convinced the original owner, at best, only ever changed the strings. The neck was excessively dirty and there was crud lodged in whichever crevasses it could find its way in. (It sounds crazy, but this Wolfie actually smelled bad when I first had it). "Dirty" is not much of a concern for me, though, as I've become quite confident in my ability to spiff up Wolfgangs. Murphy's Oil Soap, lemon oil, Windex, and Simichrome polish go a long way in transforming a used guitar. This Wolfgang's strength is its neck--chunky and wide in the way the best Wolfgang necks are--and fret wear was minimal. Since I no longer had an arch top model equipped so, I added a coil tap to this Wolf accessible via a push-pull switch on the tone knob. Sadly, this guitar lasted less than a year in my arsenal; perhaps it can be called "The Curse of the Purple Wolfs." Despite being an excellent player, F2 didn't stand out from the others in any unique way, and since it was the last to come in it was the first to go out when financial practicality deemed it necessary I sell one of my high-end Wolfgangs. F2 was renamed "Gwen" by its new owner.

F2_01 (69k image)

F2_02 (54k image)
Live w/ AT/DT @ Jonah's Bar Mitzvah Gig - September 2008

F2_03 (81k image)
Sale Photo - January 2009

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