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01/13/2009 @ 07:23 AM: About a year ago I came up with an idea very much inspired by our modern means of music distribution--the Internet. My plan was to write, record, and release one new song each week for six weeks straight; whatever I'd done the previous week--good or bad--would be released via my website and MySpace page. It was meant to jump-start my writing and help combat the winter blues. I opted not to initiate the idea at the time because I was in the final months of planning my wedding and also trying to keep up with a few other creative commitments.

Fast forward to one year later...

My schedule has calmed down, and I'm once again thinking about getting back to regularly writing and recording solo music. And so it is, starting the first week of February and in each successive week I will release one brand new song for free download, available on the front page of my website and through my MySpace page: I'm placing zero restrictions on the content of the music and will simply be going with whatever creative motivation hits me each respective week. It may be simple vocal and guitar pieces, funny-weird sample-based instrumental numbers, or full-band songs recorded with other musicians--I don't know. I suspect most will be recorded on my home setup with me using pots and pans and other household items to create percussion tracks, but I may also take advantage of my full studio space in St. Paul (I'm quite looking forward to banging on DT's drums and making loops). We shall see! The first song will be released on Thursday, February 5th, with new songs to be released one every Thursday thereafter.

I will make weekly announcements as each song is posted!

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Andrew Thomas