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02/19/2009 @ 07:02 PM: Six Songs In Six Weeks: Week Three

"Vitamin Sea"
Written, Produced, Recorded & Performed by Andrew Thomas

MP3 Download: "Vitamin Sea" (5.0 MB)

Week Three was a little crazy. I had a great song idea down on paper and was planning to record it live--acoustic guitar and vocals--and had even started rehearsing in order to do so. Then on Sunday I got sick, and by Tuesday I knew there was no way I'd be able to sing ANYTHING for at least a few days. So I ditched the original Song #3 and started playing around with instrumental options. The result was "Vitamin Sea," a mostly-guitar piece that was first recorded with various drum loops, but I pulled them when I felt they were taking away from the song's general "softness." I did most of the work for this song on Tuesday, but my illness delayed any further work until Thursday afternoon (the lead guitar and whistles were recorded then), so this release is most indeed very fresh, one might say.

Below is my production journal (no lyrics for this one). Photos of the process can be found on my MySpace and Facebook pages.

See you again next week!



Production Journal--Week Three

Friday 2/13

Afternoon - Jotted down melody and lyric ideas on a Dunn Bros. coffee receipt while driving with Devon to see our financial advisor.

Monday 2/16

Late Evening - Wrote verse, pre-chorus, chorus, and bridge sections along with some lyrics for Song #3, titled "Serotonin."

Tuesday 2/17

Afternoon - Scrapped all plans for "Serotonin," as it has become quite apparent my illness will prevent me from being able to sing the vocal track. Started playing with new song ideas.

Late Evening - Constructed a pitched-down loop for backing on the new instrumental Song #3. Wrote out an acoustic and an electric guitar part. Recorded main electric part on the black Wolfgang and Tech 21 amp. Doubled the bridge. Tracked doubles of the acoustic part and thankfully got them both in one pass. Played with more filters on the loops and am thinking I may have to ditch the loops altogether.

Wednesday 2/18

Morning - Have decided to cut most of the backing tracks to just the electric part and one acoustic part panned opposite of one another in the mix. I'll also edit them down to shorten the length of the verses and bridge. I'm just gong to put a lead part on now and call it done. The more "produced" this one is getting the more it lacks cohesiveness--better to keep it simple.

Afternoon - Edited tracks to shorten song. Left guitar doubles in for the bridge.

Thursday 2/19

Afternoon - Edited bridge to shorten it by eight bars. Recorded and edited whistle tracks. Recorded and edited lead guitar tracks. Mixed the song. Mastered the song. Posted the song!


"Vitamin Sea"
Music by Andrew Thomas
©2009 Andrew Thomas Music (ASCAP)

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